Meet Jerry the Bear

A comforting companion for children with type 1 diabetes

Jerry makes learning fun!

Kids take care of Jerry by feeding him a healthy diet and keeping his blood sugar level in a good range by counting carbs and matching insulin doses.

When Jerry’s blood sugar level goes high or low, Jerry speaks his symptoms, encouraging kids to recognize how they feel!

Included Accessories
  • Backpack
  • 10 food cards
  • Insulin pen
  • Micro-USB cord
  • 21 interactive storybooks
  • 6 injection sites and 4 tickle spots
  • Easy to clean asthma friendly fabric
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Ages 3 - 7+


Jerry helps children gain hands-on skills to help them move toward mastering how to count carbs, monitor their blood sugar levels, and dose insulin.


With Jerry’s simulated diabetes, kids aren’t alone. Caring for others can be therapeutic, so help your child take care of Jerry and feel empowered!

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"This is one of the most heart-warming, 'doing well by doing good' products I've ever encountered."

"This product's innovative use of play to tackle complex children's health issues is on track to change the medical industry as we know it."

"Jerry the Bear goes so far beyond the typical duties of a stuffed animal, you just might be inspired to get one for a kid who needs it"

Meet Jerry's Family

Brian Oley @oleyb
Hannah Chung @hchung
Aaron Horowitz @aaronjhorowitz
Joel Schwartz @joelbschwartz
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